Honor U's Youth Screenwriters

In partnership with the District of Columbia Marion S. Barry Summer Youth Employment Program, Honor U Performance Arts Academy hosted 32 Youth employers by teaching the fundamentals of screenwriting. The following artists below completed  the first draft of their script for a pilot episode or short film!  These brilliant creations are slated to go into Pre Production 2021.  

Harry Scharp, age 14, writer of The New Kid Can Ball (Short Film)
Kaosi Nuel age 16, writer of Newtopia (Pilot Episode for Episodic Series)
Zion Gray age 16, writer of Trials & Error (Pilot Episode for Episodic Series)
Jordan Allen age 16, writer of To Be Seen ( Short Film) 
Haley Howard age 16, writer of Lost In The Summer ( Short Film) 

A message from youth screenwriter Zion