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Honor U's Story

Honor U's Story


Our story began in 2017 when LaTrice Amanda, Honor U's founder, completed her thesis for her Master's in Educational Leadership Program, where she had the opportunity to study Finland's school system. During that period, she discovered that Finland did not follow common core standards that are mandated in the United States, in addition to being inspired by their high success rates of student academic achievement. LaTrice Amanda, understanding that not one person takes in and receives information the same, wanted to create a non-traditional school that would teach to youths different multi-intelligence while incorporating the performance arts.    


Today Honor U! is a non-traditional school that provides youth with the tools to connect to their most divine highest self by facilitating an array of courses, workshops, and seminars on subjects that tackle adolescent behavior and social acceptance. Such topics include healthy relationships, intimate partner violence, youth advocacy, teen parenting, prevention, reproductive health, sexual exploitation, life skills, and goal setting. The objective is to awaken the youth's mind, body, and spirit while connecting them to the performing arts.





Honor U Performance Arts Academy was created with youth in mind. We are a youth-driven organization committed to providing adolescents a safe haven to engage in intimate conversations and share their stories. We believe by valuing youth, we strengthen academic achievement, promote civic engagement, and support young people in becoming engaged citizens and healthy individuals. 

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"What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our lives, we need to stretch our minds."

- Wayne Dyer 

Our Mission

Honor U Performance Arts Academy's mission is to reinforce the importance of self-worth and empower generations of future change agents and leaders while incorporating the performing arts. Such as acting, dance, music, creative writing, screenwriting, and film. By doing so, Honor U Performance Arts Academy cultivates and enriches each student by awakening and molding the artists that are inside of them.  

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to positively impact our students by providing them with the tools to connect to their most divine and higher self. 

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